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best kelowna brewing company - railside brewing on the rail trail kelowna bcLocated on
Kelowna's RailTrail


Conveniently located on the RailTrail in Kelowna, BC. Railside Brewing has some of the most renowned microbrews, wine, and coolers on tap!

Whether you’re visiting Kelowna for a weekend getaway or you’re one of our lovely, local neighbours we would love to welcome you at our Kelowna brewery! Railside Brewing is one of Kelowna’s newest and buzziest breweries in the Okanagan Valley.  We carry a rotating roster of proprietary craft beers for you to sample, sip, and purchase to-go. We’ve also got local ciders and wine to wet your whistle. If it’s food that you’re after, you’ll love our revolving food truck lineup right next to our incredible outdoor, dog-friendly patio.  What are you waiting for? Walk, run, bike, roll, or board to us if you’re following along any of the Urban Railtrail routes.  We’ve got plenty of parking for whatever mode of transport you choose!




ABV 5.25% ISU 16

Summer-time is sunshine time, and Railside Brewing’s Summer Ale is sunshine in a can (or on tap). One sip of this bright, blonde, summer stunner and you’ll be ready to boldly take on patio season. Slap on the boat shoes, unbutton that collared shirt and get ready to relax.  A beautiful balance between hops and malt gives our Blonde a simple light-bodied taste, perfect for the beach. Available on tap in the tasting room at our Kelowna brewery or pick up a 4-pack to-go. We made sure they fit into your beach bag for easy transport!



ABV 5.1% ISU 10

Hold me closer, Gandy Dancer, but sing it, as Elton does. The Gandy Dancer is Railside’s craft Belgian Wit that you just can’t quit. Notes of orange and coriander, make this a bright and addictive Witbier that hits all the right tastebuds.  Just like the greatest hits from the ’70s and ’80s the Belgian Wit is also experiencing a revival of sorts. Brewed with unmalted wheat, our craft Witbier recipe finds its place cemented among our gentle Belgian beer lineup. A little fruity, a little spicy, a lot tasty. Try it in the tasting room at Railside or pick up a 4-pack to-go, because you had a busy day today.



ABV 5.4% ISU 25

Marker 49 is an homage to our microbrew pub’s location next to Kelowna’s popular Railtrail route. Just like our patio, this beer is big on juicy and fruity notes and low IBU’s.  Fruity without the fruit, orange juice look, beer taste, and a miraculous aftertaste that can only be described as NOT bitter like your classic IPA.  Railside’s NEIPA craft beer is a New England Hazy that’s more refreshing than an afternoon nap. As far as summer beers go, this one could easily hit slap and hop into your regular beer rotation.  Come in for a taste, stay for a pint, and don’t even think about leaving without a 4-pack of Marker 49 to-go.


ABV 5.25% ISU 45

Guaranteed that a taste of the Crow’s Nest NEIPA will have you on the lookout for more. This is another New England Hazy brew that starts at refreshing and finishes smooth and creamy. Yep, that’s our Crow’s Nest NEIPA and you should try it today.  Our most hop-forward beer but still has those delicious citrus notes of a NEIPA. Available for summer in our tasting room or you can pick up a 4-pack to-go wherever the wind takes you.



ABV 5.25% ISU 26

Slide into a Box Car Amber Ale at Railside to experience a delicious craft Amber with a restorative hint of caramel. This beer is sure to raise the roof on your palette. Especially, when its sweet caramel taste is brought forward to cancel out any bitterness in your life. The colour, and the flavour are equal opportunity partners when it comes to pleasing your senses. If you’re looking for something a little roasty and malty then this is your guy. Box Car is one smooth, smoothie that you’ll want to tuck into as soon as possible. Get it on tap in the tasting room or take it to-go with a 4-pack today!



ABV 5.1% ISU 18

The Conductor Kolsch, easy to drink, hard to spell. Similar to our Brew Master, the Kolsch also finds its roots in Germany. A straw-like colour makes this craft beer enticing enough on its own. Add to that, a malt-forward taste and this craft beer is clean and crisp for your enjoyment like a sock tan on a hot summer day. Is it an Ale? Is it a Lager? Does it even matter? Come in for a Kolsch today. The Conductor flows on tap in the tasting room or easily take it to-go with a 4-pack.


These beauties are brewed craft style in 150 liter batches. Translation – they’re in limited supply so grab em’ while you can! Only available in the taproom by the glass, sleave or in flights. No cans or growler fills.



ABV 4% IBU 15

The Nighthawk Porter from Railside. It’s a staple in our lineup of craft beers and for good reason. It’s dark, stormy, and feels like a nice cold, chocolatey hug as soon as it hits your tastebuds. You dream of Nighthawk on a chilly day, because even though it’s served cold, it can instantly warm your heart. Dark beer fans rejoice when they’re presented with a cold, and frothy pint of Nighthawk Porter because it’s rich with hearty flavours. Sweeter than a Stout, this dark ale is what you’re looking for to fulfill your dreams in velvety dark beer heaven. Try it on tap in our tasting room!


ABV 5.4% IBU 25

Paul’s Pale Ale is quite literally our founding beer in every sense of the word. Paul Leinemann, the father of Head Brewer Robert Leinemann, built the original building where Railside Brewing operates today. Although he sadly passed before Railside Brewery opened, this Pale Ale is dedicated to keeping Paul’s legacy alive. It’s a smooth craft beer with a touch of caramely sweetness, just like the man himself.



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