Wow. Dogs. We love ’em around here. Outside on the patio of course. In fact, we love dogs so much, we’ve created a welcoming space for everyone’s best friend.

Bring your pooch to visit us at Railside.

Please keep in mind, that in the same way, we ask our human friends to aspire to have good manners when on our patio at Railside, we extend the same consideration to our canine buddies. If your dog is aggressive, sensitive to noise, or generally fearful of other dogs/humans, please leave them wherever they’re most comfortable. We don’t want them (or you) to do something they might regret.  We also hope that you’ll tag us on social media if you happen to snap the perfect pic of  Fido. Floppy ears glistening in the sun, a full belly of treats, and lots of pets from strangers kind of pics are our favourite! Find, follow, and tag us on the socials. We love to reciprocate!