Driveway Developed Brews – A Railside Origin Story

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What is a Driveway Developed Beer?

In a quiet West Kelowna suburban neighborhood, there lived a man named Rob who harbored a profound love for beer. He was an unassuming figure, a hard-working man by day and a craft beer enthusiast by night. Rob’s journey into the world of brewing began one fateful summer evening when he decided to explore the art of beer-making in his own driveway.

Rob’s fascination with beer had deep roots. It started in his early days when he and his friends would embark on road trips to visit local breweries, sampling a myriad of brews. Those trips ignited a passion that would stay with him throughout his life. He often found himself dissatisfied with the mass-produced beers available at the local liquor stores. He yearned for unique flavors and aromas that could only be crafted through the art of homebrewing.

It was on a warm summer weekend when Rob decided to turn his passion into a reality. He dedicated an entire section of his garage to brewing equipment, transforming it into a makeshift brewery. Armed with expert advice, online tutorials, and a burning curiosity, he began his journey into the world of brewing. Rob was determined to create his own signature beers, ones that would stand out in a sea of generic options.

But the spark that truly ignited this brewing adventure was a suggestion from his wife, Carla, about eight years ago. They were at Cannery Brewing in Penticton, enjoying a refreshing beverage. As they savored the flavors of their drinks, Carla turned to Rob and said, “This is really cool; you should start a brewery.” Her words resonated deeply with him, and that moment became the catalyst for his brewery dream.

The First Driveway Beer

His first creation was Summers Ale Blonde, a light and refreshing brew with a hint of citrus and a crisp finish. He spent countless hours perfecting the recipe, experimenting with different hop varieties and yeast strains until he achieved the taste he desired. It was a labor of love, and Rob relished every moment of it.

As the summer progressed, Rob invited his friends and neighbors over to sample his driveway-developed beer. He hosted impromptu tasting sessions in his driveway, providing everyone with a glass of Summers Ale Blonde. The response was overwhelmingly positive. His friends praised the beer’s smoothness, the delightful citrus notes, and its perfect balance of flavors. Encouraged by their feedback, Rob began brewing larger batches, ensuring he had a steady supply to share.

Word Travels Fast in these Parts

Word of Rob’s newfound hobby spread throughout the land, and soon, he found himself inundated with requests for his beer. Friends, neighbours, and even strangers would come by with growlers, eager to fill them with Summers Ale Blonde. It was clear that Rob had stumbled upon something extraordinary, something that had the potential to become more than just a hobby.

Gathering Steam

Buoyed by the success of Summers Ale Blonde, Rob decided to further expand his repertoire. He delved into the world of hazy, aromatic beers and developed Crows Nest NEIPA, a New England India Pale Ale bursting with tropical fruit flavors and a hazy, juicy appearance. Rob’s dedication to his craft paid off once again as Crows Nest NEIPA became an instant favorite among those who tasted it. His driveway became a gathering place for beer enthusiasts, drawn by the allure of Rob’s unique creations.

However, Rob’s journey was far from over. His growing passion for brewing led him to experiment with various styles and ingredients. He wanted to create a well-rounded portfolio, each beer with its own distinct personality. It was during these experiments that he perfected Paul’s Pale Ale, a beer that paid homage to his late father, whose love for traditional pale ales had sparked Rob’s own fascination with brewing. Paul’s Pale Ale was a tribute to the man who had inspired him to pursue his passion relentlessly.

With three exceptional beers now in his arsenal, Rob’s driveway brewery had outgrown its humble beginnings. He realized that it was time to take the next step and turn his hobby into a full-fledged business. Rob’s dream was to share his craft with a wider audience, to introduce people to the flavors and aromas that had captivated him for so long.

Railside Brewing Begins with Help From a Lifelong Friend

He found a partner in Matt, his lifelong friend. Together, they faced numerous challenges along the way, from navigating the intricacies of licensing and permits to securing funding for a commercial brewery. But their determination and the unwavering support of family and friends propelled them forward. After months of hard work, they finally opened the doors to their brewery, “Railside Brewing.”

The brewery’s opening was a celebration of Rob’s journey from a humble driveway brewer to a professional brewer. The community turned out in force to support, and to taste the beers they had watched evolve from experimental driveway-developed beer to refined creations. Summers Ale Blonde, Crows Nest NEIPA, and Paul’s Pale Ale stood proudly on the brewery’s taps, now available to a wider audience.

A Community Hub Along a Popular Thoroughfare

Railside Brewing quickly became a beloved gathering place in the neighbourhood, a hub of community and camaraderie. Rob’s dedication to quality and his unwavering passion for brewing ensured that every glass poured was a testament to his love for the craft.

Rob’s journey from a man brewing in his driveway to a respected brewer was a testament to the power of passion and determination. Railside Brewing looks to become a symbol of the vibrant craft beer scene in Kelowna, with Summers Ale Blonde, Crows Nest NEIPA, and Paul’s Pale Ale as its flagship driveway brews.

Rob’s story is a reminder that dreams can be realized with dedication and a love for one’s craft. It all began in a suburban driveway, where a man’s passion for beer led him on an incredible journey of discovery, innovation, and community-building. Rob’s beers continue to be enjoyed by countless people, a testament to the power of chasing one’s dreams and following one’s heart.