December’s Brewery Events in Kelowna at Railside!

december brewery events in Kelowna

Check back often for hours, events, and more! Don’t forget to plan for a safe ride home this holiday season.

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A Railside Christmas Poem

“T’was the night before Christmas at Railside Brewery,

Rob and Matt, skilled brewers, full of camaraderie.

Barrels neatly stacked in the warehouse with care,

Awaiting the magic they both would soon share.

The kettles were bubbling, a festive delight,

As hops danced in merriment, cloaked in the night.

Rob stirred the brew, while Matt poured with glee,

Crafting the ales that would fill revelers with wheeee.

The hops were hopping, the yeast danced a dance,

As Rob and Matt brewed with skill and with chance.

Amidst the aroma of hops in the air,

They stirred and they poured with meticulous care.

When out in the taproom, there arose such a clatter,

Rob sprang from the vat to see what was the matter.

Away to the windows, he flew like a flash,

To see what had caused such a sudden, loud crash.”

The moonlight revealed a sight, quite a scene,

A line out the door, like in a hopeful dream.

With laughter and chatter, patrons did wait,

Eagerly anticipating the brewery’s next slate.

“Now, Matt! Now, Rob! Bring forth your best brews!

The flavors you craft, they’re the ones we will choose!

From stouts to pale ales, let them flow without end,

For in every pint, you’re our true brewing friend!

Back to their craft, the duo quickly raced,

With passion and skill, their excitement embraced.

They poured and they poured, their spirits so bright,

Spreading joy through their beer on this magical night.

With glasses raised high, the crowd gave a cheer,

To Rob and to Matt, the brewers so dear.

Their creations, a testament to art and to skill,

Brought warmth to all hearts, an unmissable thrill.

As the night drew to close and the last drop was poured,

Rob and Matt grinned; success well assured.

Railside Brewery, with its charm and its might,

Spread joy through its beer, on this wondrous night.

With a nod and a wink, they bid all a goodnight,

Knowing their brewery stood in its own special light.

And I heard them exclaim as they turned out the light,

“Happy brewing to all, and to all a good night!”