Things to do in Kelowna this Winter – Reasons to visit Railside Brewing!

things to do in kelowna this winter

Are you looking for things to do in Kelowna this Winter? Visiting Railside Brewing in Kelowna this Winter can be a wonderful experience! Contrary to popular belief breweries don’t require sun to be fun. In fact, the added ambiance of snow and darker nights can contribute to a warm atmosphere and cozy feeling. We’ve devised some reasons to get you out of the house this winter and into the brewery for some much-needed human connection.

Keep reading for some things you can consider doing at Railside Brewery this Winter!

  1. Beer Tastings: Sampling different types of beer is often the highlight of a brewery visit. Railside offers flights or tastings where you can try a variety of our beers, including seasonal or limited editions. Recent sell-out releases have included flavours from Apple Crisp to Lavender & Honey.
  2. Special Events: Railside frequently hosts special events such as live comedy performances, themed nights, like our Luau and Oktoberfest days, trivia contests, or even educational sessions on everything beer.
  3. Meet the Brewers: Recently our Kelowna brewery has introduced a session where you can meet the brewers (Rob & Matt), ask questions about their craft, and gain insights into the art of brewing and running a brew pub.
  4. Seasonal Beers: Like other breweries in Kelowna, Railside will release special seasonal beers in winter. Tasting these limited-time offerings can be a unique experience during your visit!
  5. Community Events: Stay tuned to our social media because you’ll find that we often host events that engage the local community, such as fundraisers, charity events, or collaborations with other local businesses and brewers. Railside loves a good collab!
  6. Enjoy the Atmosphere: Relaxing in Railside Brewery’s ambiance, whether it’s in our cozy taproom or outside on the patio, can be a great way to unwind and enjoy good company.
  7. Family Friendly: Last, but not least, our brewery is family-friendly! Bring the kiddos down with the fam and enjoy a game night out! We’ve got all the best board games to keep them engaged and busy while you sample a few cold brews!

Remember, during the winter season, Railside Brewing in Kelowna will schedule specific winter-themed activities and events! So check our website or social media for more seasonal offerings that can enhance your experience. We’re here to solve the age old question of what to do in Kelowna during the Winter!